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                PlayLoopSound3D,   "SoundID"
                PlayLoopSound3DVP, "SoundID", Volume, Pitch
                PlaySound,         "SoundID"
                PlaySoundVP,       "SoundID", Volume, Pitch
                PlaySound3D,       "SoundID"
                PlaySound3DVP,     "SoundID", Volume, Pitch

       Where:   SoundID = The sound to play
                Volume  = Float value to adjust the volume, 0 is none, 1 is full
                Pitch   = Float value to adjust the pitch

        Type:   Sound

     Returns:   none

     Example:   PlaySound, "Crowd Boo"
                PlayLoopSound3DVP. "Sound Test Loop", 1.0, 1.0

     Scripts:   SoundTest

These functions play sound with a variety of options. The PlaySound function will play the sound at full volume, sounding like it comes from directly at the player's location. The 3D functions will cause the sound to be played from the calling object's location in the game (so it will be dimmer the farther the player is away from it). The VP functions allow you to adjust the volume and pitch of the sound, although whenever the functions are used only 1 for both volume and pitch are used. The PlayLoop functions will play the sound continuously until a StopSound function is called.

See Also: StopSound