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                PCClearExpelled, [FactionID]

       Where:   FactionID = Optional faction to clear the player's expelled flag.

        Type:   Faction

     Returns:   none

     Example:   PCClearExpelled, "Imperial Legion"
                PCClearExpelled                 (call from a dialogue, uses the actor's faction)

     Scripts:   expelledMG

Clears the player's expelled flag for the given faction. If no faction is specified, the caller's faction is used. Faction names for Great Houses are just the unique part of the house name; for example, "Hlaalu". Faction names for the three imperial-sponsored guilds are formatted like "Thieves Guild".

Note: The Mages guild will not give you more duties if you use pcclearexpelled, because it uses a second variable called ExpMagesGuild to track how long you've been expelled. The code you need is Set ExpMagesGuild to 31 (Alternatively, use both PCClearExpelled "Mages Guild" and Set ExpMagesGuild to 0.)

See Also: PCExpell, PCExpelled