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GMST records contain game settings. Game settings are important values that will not change as the game is running. These store values such as the text that appears in bartering menu, the rate at which magicka regenerates, or even werewolf damage multipliers.

Although there are a large number of hard-coded default settings in the game and Creation Kit code, not all of these are used. For those that are, their values can be overwritten from within the Construction Set. There is no way to create new settings.

C Field Type/Size Info
+ NAME string The name of the game setting. The value of the setting will normally be one of the fields below. It is possible for no value field to be present at all. In the base game files, this only occurs for empty strings, such as sKeyName_00, but for safety, it may be best to infer the type from the first letter of the name, and set the to zero or an empty string, as appropriate.
- FLTV float32 Floating-point value
- INTV int32 Integer value
- STRV string String value