A mod (or modification) is a modification to the original game. Mods come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. Some add brand new content and features, others seek to fix errors, while others still add improvements to content already found in the game. The terms mod and plugin are typically used interchangeably, however, plugin can be used to specifically refer to a mod that uses an elder scrolls plugin or elder scrolls master file to do what it needs to do. Some mods are pluginless. These are typically mesh, texture, and sound replacers. There are even some mods that are sometimes referred to as third party add-ons. A third party add-on is a mod that expands upon the capabilities of Morrowind's engine directly. These are mods like MWSE or MGE.

Construction SetEdit

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The Construction Set (or CS) was what made it possible for players to create mods for Morrowind. The CS was shipped with Morrowind on a separate disk, and it was the same SDK (Software Development Kit) used by Bethesda to develop Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and the official plugins. The Construction Set is not an easy program to learn to use. Not only is there a lot to take in, but there are a few issues to watch out for. Like GMST Contamination.


Many mod creators are content with creating mods just for themselves. Some, however, like to share their mods with other players so that they too can enjoy it. Mods can be shared by uploading to file hosting sites and sharing the download link with the community. Though the most common approach is to upload the mod to a mod hosting website. These websites will typically allow the creator a certain amount of customization with the mod's download page. Descriptions, screenshots, and readmes are common. Less common are videos and specialized mirroring functionality. Typically, each mod download page will have a comments section for players to leave feedback about the mod, as well as to ask questions that the creator can answer.

Common mod hosting websites are (in rough order of mod totals):