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                HurtStandingActor, Value

       Where:   Value = Number of hit points per second to damage any actor standing on it (float).
                        Value should be negative for damage, or positive for healing.  This value 
                        can be literal or a variable.

        Type:   Collison

     Returns:   none

     Example:   HurtStandingActor, 1            (heal 1 hitpoint per second)
                HurtStandingActor, -10          (hurt 10 hitpoints per second)
                HurtStandingActor, fDmgValue    (use a variable value)

     Scripts:   lava

Damages any actor standing on the object the given number of health points per second. As mentioned above, a positive value will heal the actor, and a negative value will damage them. The value can not only be a literal number, but also a variable (local or global).

See Also: HurtCollidingActor