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        Type:   Weather, Undocumentated

     Returns:   float

     Example:   if ( GetWindSpeed > 0.5 )

     Scripts:   Not Used

Undocumented function that returns the current wind speed. Generally values are around 0 to 2 for average conditions. Depending on the wind speed, scripted moving objects (such as signs) are affected. 0 is no movement and 2 is a lot of movement.

GetWindSpeed example of use

  • returned result precision seems to be limited to 2 decimal digits, so don't rely on something like if ( GetWindSpeed < 0.001 )

Here is an example on how to use GetWindSpeed to detect if we are NOT in a cell with weather/day/night cycle enabled.
It will not correctly detect foggy weather (windspeed = 0) in interior set to behave like exterior, but it should be safe in all other cases.

short hasWeather
set hasWeather to 1
if ( GetInterior == 1 )
  if ( GetWindSpeed < 0.01 ) ; 2 digits only precision!
    set hasWeather to 0