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                GetPCCell, "CellID"

       Where:   CellID = CellID (partial or full) to test if player is in

        Type:   Misc

     Returns:   short

     Example:   if ( GetPCCell, "Koal Cave" == 1 )
                set sValue to GetPCCell, "Vivec, Arena Pit"

     Scripts:   devalFollow

Returns 1 if the player is in the given cell. Can also check for partial matches, i.e., GetPCCell, "Vivec" will return 1 if the player is in a cell named Vivec or Vivec, Fred's House.

Note that this only works, if the partial match is itself a valid cell. GetPCCell, "Grytewake" in a script will compile, but crash on execution. There is no cell "Grytewake", only "Grytewake, Cabin", etc.