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                Equip, ObjectID

       Where:   ObjectID = Object to equip on its owner.

        Type:   Object

     Returns:   none

     Example:   Fargoth->Equip, "torch_infinite_time_unique"
                Equip, amulet_usheeja
                player->Equip, "dh_thrift_hammer_01"

     Scripts:   lookoutScript

Equips the given item on its owner. Note that this function does not work as intended some of the time. Equipping items on the player often does not work, although I had successfully equipped repair hammers from a script. Similarly with NPCs, equipping weapons/armor may not be possible although it is possible to force the player and NPCs to drink potions they have in their inventory.

Note that this function appears to be broken in the original Morrowind game (you may receive a bad function code error in the game or things simply will not work) but is fixed with the Tribunal expansion. In Tribunal you can successfully get NPCs to equip weapons/armor as well as on the player.