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                CreateMaps, "filename.esp"

       Where:   "filename.esp" = Plugin to create maps for

        Type:   Console

     Returns:   none

     Example:   CreateMaps Morrowind.esm


The function will actually create maps for all the plugins loaded in the game, not just the areas affected by the plugin. Nevertheless, it wants to be given the name of one of the loaded plugins.

The actual effect of this functions depends on the Create Maps Enable entry in MORROWIND.INI file. The accepted values are:

        0 = None
        1 = Xbox Maps
        2 = Exterior Cell Maps

For the Xbox setting, maps are created for the given input plugin filename (a .MAP is created in the Morrowind\Data Files path). For the Exterior Cell Map setting, 256 x 256 BMP files for all exterior cells are output to the Morrowind\Maps directory; you need to create this subdirectory if it doesn't exist yet.

Note that this takes a good deal of time so you may wish to let it run overnight. It is advised to start a new game and type the createmaps command ASAP, even before Jiub asks you your name. This cuts down the number of scripts and game functions running, making this very long process somewhat faster.


  • When exporting Exterior Cell Maps, the water will be uniformly white and opaque if Morrowind's pixel shaded water has been deactivated (this is always the case if MGE XE is enabled). If it has been activated, the water will instead be a semi-transparent grey.
  • A Python 3 script,, assembles the bmp files into one continuous image. By default, the images are resized to 40 x 40 before merging, which can be changed in the .py file. You can also try the command-line tes3stitch program for Python, which has more customization options.
  • While Morrowind will only create maps for exterior cells, it will also parse interior cells, increasing the duration and possibility of crashing. A Morrowind Code Patch bug fix changes this behavior so that createmaps will only parse exterior cells.
  • Cells with a region name that contains a forward slash character (/) will silently fail to be saved as .bmp files. This is likely because the region name will be part of the output .bmp filename and a slash is an invalid character in a Windows filename. Possibly, this means other invalid characters in a region name will have the same effect. In order to prevent missing tiles, you must first rename the offending regions in the CS.
  • Given that all files loaded will be made into maps, you will get a Vvardenfell and Solstheim in every map you make, even if you only want maps of some far-off region (e.g., Cyrodiil or Skyrim). Instead of manually hunting and deleting Vvardenfell map tiles, it is easiest to just stitch the maps as-is, then cut Vvardenfell off in an image editing program.