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        Type:   Werewolf, Bloodmoon

     Returns:   none

     Example:   player->BecomeWerewolf


Turns the player, NPC, or creature immediately into a werewolf. Only works properly for NPCs, however, it can be used on creatures for some weird effects. Affected NPCs take on the werewolf mesh, removing all clothing and weapons, and retaining all AI settings. This means an NPC turned into a werewolf may not be able to talk, but he/she will have the same Idle, Fight, and Hello, settings, etc... (though they'll just track the PC on Hello triggers, no dialogue). Likewise, already attacking NPCs will simply keep attacking, albeit in a new form - scripts seem to continue to run fine, as the object ID seems to remain the same. I'm unsure if stats on NPCs affected by this function call are changed or not - Speed is definitely not changed, so presumably it's only attack damage and/or hit chance that changes.

This command can be used on creatures, with varying effects - the creature NIF/appearance will NOT be swapped out, nor will their 'Name' tag say 'werewolf', as it does on NPCs - and it only seems to work for certain creatures, changing their attack sound and attack stats, if I'm not mistaken. Creatures with Weapon & Shield bone entries will unequip whatever they're holding and go hand-to-hand - and as I said the attack sound changes to a werewolf growl, but otherwise Idle and other sounds seem to remain the same. It's amusing when used on Rieklings - they become little snarling, boxing, midgets.

Also, The Werewolf transformation is handled almost exactly like the Vampire one, with the PCWerewolf global being used. Using Becomewerewolf and Undowerewolf can break your game. Some quests and variables depend solely on the use of these, so if you use one to toy around.... you may be asking for it.

See Also: IsWerewolf, PCWerewolf, SetWerewolfAcrobatics, UndoWerewolf