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                AddTopic, TopicID

        Where   TopicID = Dialogue ID to add to players known topics.

        Type:   Dialogue

     Returns:   none

     Example:   addtopic "Redoran councilors"

     Scripts:   eotScript

Adds the given dialogue topic to the player's list of known topics. Known topics will appear when the player talks to NPCs that have that topic. When creating a new plugin with new dialogue topics, you will frequently want to add a few topics that the player already knows. To do this, create a temporary object near the related NPC and attach a script like the following:

        begin test_AddTopics
                short DoOnce;

                if ( DoOnce == 0 )
                        AddTopic "newtopic01"
                        AddTopic "newtopic02"
                        AddTopic "newtopic03"
                        set DoOnce to 1