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                AddToLevCreature, LevCreature, Creature, Level
                AddToLevItem,     LevItem,     Item,     Level

        Where   LevCreature = Levelled creature list ID to modify
                LevItem     = Levelled item list ID to modify
                Creature    = ActorID to add to levelled creature list
                Item        = ItemID to add to levelled item list
                Level       = Minimum level of player to activate the item/creature.

        Type:   Levelled Lists, Tribunal

     Returns:   none

     Example:   AddToLevCreature, "ex_azurascoast_sleep", "ash_ghoul", 25
                AddToLevItem, "l_m_amulets", "amulet of 6th house", 15

     Scripts:   Not Used

Allows the user to modify the levelled item/creature lists while the game is running. The functions will add the object/level pair to the levelled list (assuming that it doesn't already exist in the list).

See Also: RemoveFromLevCreature, RemoveFromLevItem