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                AIFollow,     ActorID,         Duration, X, Y, Z, [Reset]
                AIFollowCell, ActorID, CellID, Duration, X, Y, Z, [Reset]

        Where   ActorID         = The target NPC that the source NPC will be following.
                CellID          = Cell name where the source NPC will stop following.
                Duration        = The length of time (in hours) that the target NPC will be 
                                  following.  A value of 0 indicates infinite time.
                X,Y,Z           = The position that the source NPC will stop following.
                [Reset]         = Optional parameter, unknown, may indicate whether the current 
                                  AI package is interrupted.

        Type:   AI

     Returns:   none

     Example:   "taren andoren"->AIFollow, "velyna seran" 0, 0, 0, 0
                AIFollowCell, Player, "Balmora, Hecerinde's House", 0, 70685, 126106, 835, 0

     Scripts:   talenScript (AIFollow)
                Not Used (AIFollowCell)

Similar to AIFollow where the source NPC will be set to follow the target NPC (ActorID) for the given duration (in hours, 0 indicates infinite time) or until they reach the given position (AIFollow for exterior locations, AIFollowCell for interior locations). When an NPC uses AIFollow, the player gets to choose where he/she goes. The NPC will follow the player diligently the whole way.

As with other AI functions, issue this command only once or the results may not be as expected.

See Also: AIEscort, GetAIPackageDone, GetCurrentAIPackage