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                AiActivate, ObjectID, [Reset]

        Where   ObjectID = Object to activate, required
                [reset]  = Optional parameter, unknown, may indicate whether the current AI 
                           package is interrupted.

        Type:   AI

     Returns:   none


     Scripts:   Not Used

Although this function is in the TES Construction Set help file it is never actually used in any of the official master files. It causes the referenced NPC/creature to attempt to activate the given object (such as an item, door, activator, etc...).

There is a known bug when using the optional Reset parameter with AiActivate (verified with Tribunal). It is therefore recommended to not include the reset parameter. Also, this function is mostly broken in the original Morrowind game, but has been significantly improved in Tribunal. The following actions have been tested and verified to work:

  • Potion - NPC drinks it (works in original Morrowind as well)
  • Item on Ground - NPC picks it up
  • Door - Opens it
  • Load Door - Teleports through it but only if the destination of the door is in the same cell or a currently loaded cell. Otherwise the game crashes.
  • Activator - NPC activates it (such as a lever/button, etc...).