Morrowind:Weakness to Blight Disease

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MW-icon-effect-Weakness to Blight Disease.jpg Weakness to Blight Disease
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 4
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Weakness to Blight Disease M% for D seconds

This effect reduces the target's resistance to Blight Diseases, making the target M% more likely to contract one from an infected enemy or corpse. This effect is only of relevance when it affects the player character, and is not useful as a PC offensive spell. While NPCs can in fact catch diseases (long-term followers in particular should be proactively cured by you after contact with diseased enemies, or their stats may silently drop as the result of infection), combat does not last long enough for you to noticeably affect it by having a diseased enemy turn on another (e.g. with Command Creature) and infect the latter.

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