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Morrowind:Strange Shipwreck

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Strange Shipwreck
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
Strange Shipwreck, Cabin

Strange Shipwreck, Lower Level
Strange Shipwreck, Upper Level

Azura's Coast, [19,6]
The Strange Shipwreck

The Strange Shipwreck is a vessel washed up on an island northeast of Sadrith Mora. The ship is lodged between three menhirs. A group of flat coastal rocks forms a stairway up to the ship's deck from the water below.

This shipwreck may have once belonged to smugglers, as evidenced by skooma and assorted booze stored within its hold.




Within the cabin, you will find the book The Pig Children at the foot of a bedroll. A small chest of gold sits nearby, and a glass lantern hangs next to the door.

Upper LevelEdit

Upper Level

As you enter the upper level, a rat will attack you. Behind the set of stairs you descend, a set of crates surrounds a skeleton and a silver claymore.

On the opposite end of this level, beside the trapdoor leading down, is a crate with skooma. A second skeleton is hidden behind the wall next to the trapdoor, and this one holds a potion of water breathing.

Lower LevelEdit

Lower Level

Another rat will attack you as soon as you enter the lower level. Near the entrance lies a bottle of sujamma and a small stone chest containing assorted soul gems. At the far end are two wooden chests containing weapons. Several sacks and a barrel with randomized alchemy ingredients are scattered around.


  • It is illegal to sleep in the Strange Shipwreck.