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Morrowind:Sorkvild's Tower

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Dwemer Ruin:
Sorkvild's Tower
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Console Location Code(s)
Dagon Fel, Sorkvild's Tower
Sheogorad, [8,22]
Dagon Fel
Sorkvild's Tower

Sorkvild's Tower is a Dwemer tower located just east of Dagon Fel.

It is currently occupied by the necromancer Sorkvild the Raven and his cronies. All are hostile and will attack on sight. The ruins are small and you can avoid most of the fighting by just going straight from the entrance. Hlora Long-Leg is in the main room, and you'll have to deal with him, but the hatch to the tower where Sorkvild lives is at the back of the room.

Sorkvild carries the fabled Masque of Clavicus Vile (he does not wear it, as it is heavy armor, and he prefers medium). Also in this room, you'll find two skill books, Charwich-Koniinge, Volume 4 and Night Falls On Sentinel, for Hand-to-hand and Blunt Weapon, respectively. There's a daedric dagger and a limeware flask on the table near the hatch, and the skeleton on top of the shelf in the back may be carrying some interesting magical loot. There are five potted plants here, two black anther, two scathecraw, and a fire fern. You can also collect some rare ingredients here, including three ghoul hearts, a daedra skin, and some sload soap. You might want to get Minedhel's Saint's Black Sword as well, he's in the room to the right from the entrance downstairs.

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Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Gilse Darethi   Dark Elf Sorcerer 11 91 148 90 90
Hlora Long-Leg   Nord Warrior 11 146 76 90 90
Minedhel   Wood Elf Thief 9 71 106 90 90
Sorkvild the Raven   Nord Battlemage 12 107 128 90 90


  • Most items and containers in Sorkvild's Tower are owned by Sorkvild; taking these items, or items from these containers, counts as theft. The only things not owned by Sorkvild are the Rusted Dwemer Cabinet on the main floor and the copy of Night Falls On Sentinel in Sorkvild's chamber.
  • It is illegal to sleep in Sorkvild's Tower.


Map of Sorkvild's Tower