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Morrowind:Skeleton War-Wizard

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Skeleton War-Wizard (skeleton_aldredaynia)
Location Ald Redaynia, Tower
Species Skeleton Soul Grand (300)
Level 20 Type Undead
Other Information
Health 185 Magicka 500
Alarm 0 Fight 90
The Skeleton War-Wizard

The Skeleton War-Wizard is a unique, high-level undead skeleton who resides at the top of the Velothi Tower Ald Redaynia. It holds the Vampiric Ring artifact and guards the Bittercup, another artifact. It is a decent challenge as a foe.

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Thieves GuildEdit


  • While the Skeleton War-Wizard may appear to be a spellcaster, the spells it casts come from enchanted items, rather than being actual spells. Thus, spell effects like Silence or Sound will not hinder it; even depleting its Magicka will not affect it negatively.