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Rovone Arvel (rovone arvel)
Location Arvel Plantation, Outside
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 7 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 76 Magicka 100
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman)
Rovone Arvel

Rovone Arvel is a Dark Elf noble of House Hlaalu and owner[1] of the Arvel Plantation. As such, he is one of the biggest slave-holders in Vvardenfell. He can be found on the plantation docks. He is clad in exquisite clothing from top to toe.

Rovone Arvel is currently in a land dispute with the corrupt Hlaalu noble Odral Helvi. He is one of the people you can turn to for help during the related questline. Also, despite being a slave-owner, he is the honest man in this particular dispute. He also maintains good relations with the Imperial Cult, allowing free harvesting of corkbulb root on their behalf, from his own land or that of his tenant farmers.

Like fellow plantation owner Orvas Dren, he also has a younger relative engaged in abolitionism - albeit probably a more distant relative, since Galyn's family has apparently been in Ald Velothi for some generations now, according to local talk.

Related QuestsEdit

House HlaaluEdit

  • Sealed Orders: Deliver some suspicious orders to the Hlaalu Vault clerk in Vivec.
  • Erroneous Documents: Replace some "erroneous" land deeds with fake ones in the Hlaalu Records Office in Vivec.
  • Rent and Taxes: Collect some rent and taxes from two farmers, or simply kill them if they refuse.

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