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Morrowind:Restore Skill

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MW-icon-effect-Restore Skill.jpg Restore Skill
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Base Cost 1
(Click on any item for details)

Restore Skill, M points for D seconds
Returns one of the target's skills to (or toward, at the rate of M points for D seconds) its normal value if it has been lowered by a Damage Skill effect (but not Absorb or Drain Skill, though these will wear off on their own).

Since there are no skill-damaging spells in the game [without third-party mods], this effect is not needed often, and is not available as a spell, scroll, potion, or portable item. However, the expansions and some patches add this restoration effect to Shrines of the Tribunal as part of Almsivi Restoration, and to Imperial Cult Altars as part of Restore Attributes. This was mainly to fix characters who had used the weapon Fury, which constantly damaged all armor skills in the unpatched version.


  • Restore will only work up to the natural (base) maximum value for the skill, even if a Fortify Skill effect is active. In other words, Restore Skill only takes effect if the skill's value is red in the Status window. For example, if your Medium Armor has been damaged 25 points, but you're wearing the Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor (+5 Fortify), a shrine's Restore effect would only give you back 20 points. To get around this, remove the Fortify effect (in the above example, remove the belt) before invoking the Restore effect.

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