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Redoran Vaults
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Console Location Code(s)
"Vivec, Redoran Vaults"
Vivec Redoran

Redoran Vaults is are



Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Beldrose Dralor   Dark Elf Noble House Redoran House Brother(House Brother) 10 93 108 90 30
Drelse Dralor   Dark Elf Noble House Redoran House Cousin(House Cousin) 8 81 102 90 30

Robbing the Redoran VaultsEdit

This is easily the best free loot haul in the entire game. It will have no effect on Redoran players' faction reputation (unless caught). Ahnassi might have told you that Dralor Manor in Redoran Plaza contains a key (in Favela Dralor's bedroom drawers) which opens two locked (60) chests with gold and jewels. Or you may have just incidentally found it while poking around in Vivec homes. Ahnassi's details aren't quite right. The key legally disarms and opens the trapped and locked (90) Lower Vault door in the treasury, as well as some chests inside. The other contents of that room are worth far more, both in sale and gameplay value, than some gold and jewels, though you get those as well.

The Lower Vault is on the bottom floor (where Drelse Dralor is). Simply use the key to enter this vault, which triggers no reaction from anyone. Go inside and wait for any guards in the vault to go out where Drelse is, then close the door (actually, you can even simply wait, using the "wait" button, for a few hours and the guards will leave, even if you have the cell door closed!). Since the cell door is coded as solid instead of see-through, you can pick up and unlock anything when alone in here, even when you can see guards through the door's bars.

The key also opens the two small chests of gold (comparatively high amounts), while the chest of jewels (random) actually has no lock. Other loot laying around in this room:

  • Several pieces of Ebony Armor – the second-best Heavy class in the game – including cuirass, greaves, closed helm, and tower shield
  • Several pieces (random) of Glass Armor (excluding bracers) – the best Light Armor in the game – found in a crate
  • Enchanted Bonemold Armor pieces (mid-range Medium Armor): a Heart Wall cuirass and a Storm Helm
  • High-end weapons, including a Foeburner two-handed sword, a Glass War Axe and Dagger, and an Ebony Mace and Shortsword
  • Random jewels, mid-range weapons, and/or armor pieces (e.g. Dwarven/Dwemer) in another crate
  • Random gold, jewels and/or low to high-end weapons and armor in three larger locked chests (the key does not work on them); this loot may be leveled.
  • Random alchemy ingredients and clutter, in baskets and a bag, which seem rather out of place here
  • A Gold Armor Cuirass, Helm, and Pauldrons, if the LeFemm Armor plugin is installed (if not, other gear will be on the shelves in its place)

The Upper Vault is not opened by the same key and is also trapped and locked (90). Getting in is easiest done from the hallway, with Telekinesis (15 feet), a probe, and a Scroll of Ekash's Lock Splitter if you can't do Open for 95 points or pick such a lock. It's just a waiting game, for all the patrolling Ordinators to be out of sight at the same time for just long enough to cast, disarm, and unlock. Trap at least one guard back in the Lower Vault to reduce observers. A riskier but less-waiting variant is to do this routine directly behind Beldrose Dralor and add Sneak and Chameleon to hide your activities, or get him to turn around away from the door and do the same combo directly at the door but without the Telekinesis component. Once the Upper Vault is opened, you can plunder it, too, without any problem as soon as the guards leave and you close the door.

This room contains three locked (50) chests and two locked (25) chests, plus other containers and loose loot, adding up to:

Various items from these rooms are badly damaged and must be repaired to sell for a good price. This should be done yourself, even with a terrible Armorer skill rating. Sell an undamaged bit of loot, and use some of the proceeds to buy a bunch of Repair Tongs or Apprentice or Journeyman Armorers Hammers from a Blacksmith who restocks them, and burn through them until the job is done. (High-end, light-weight hammers are expensive and have far fewer uses; they are for carrying while adventuring, for doing emergency repairs. Routine repair work should be done with the cheap stuff. Tip: Keep a pile of cheap tools on the floor at merchants to whom you regularly sell arms and armor, so you can repair them on-site to maximize sale value.)

The main game-design purpose of this dual hoard of magnificent booty (among other ones, like Ghorak Manor with its scary-looking Orcs who docilely let you empty their armor crates) appears to be to give repeat players a way to gear up quickly and get on with it, having already been through the "explore in confusion and wonder, and fight innumerable rats and crabs" phase on their first play-through. New players focused on the Main Quest and faction quests are unlikely to find this Lower Vault key by accident or by Ahnassi quest (only available to males anyway) until perhaps fairly late in the game. Another purpose this "Rob-me Vault" may serve is helping out exploratory open-world players with little interest in quests, who have been leveling without receiving many or any quest rewards, but looking everywhere at everything.