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Morrowind: People
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Norring (Norring)
Home City Ebonheart
Location Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 9 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 129 Magicka 72
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper)

Norring is a Nord warrior and Trooper of the Imperial Legion found in Ebonheart.

He is a low-ranking legionnaire who is currently serving jail time for an unknown crime in the prison of Fort Hawkmoth. If you visit him in his cell, he will believe you are a new prisoner and will ask what you are in for.

The Hawkmoth Prison Cell Key, which can be found on a nearby crate, opens the door to his cell. But since he does not have the "prisonerScript", it is not possible to free him.

His only possession is the common pants he is wearing. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.


"Are you a prisoner? What are you in for?"