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Not to be confused with Nchurdamz.
Dwemer Ruin:
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# of Zones 2
Dwemer Centurions
Console Location Code(s)
Nchardumz, Lower Level
Molag Amur, [15,-5]

Nchardumz is a Dwemer ruin located northeast of Molag Mar.

The ruin is situated far east of Mount Kand, between two mountain ridges. There are two areas of Nchardumz, the main area and a lower level.



The upper level of the ruin consists of two levels connected with a staircase and the opening in the main hall. Here you can find six Dwemer Centurions or Spectres. The loot here consists of a few pieces of Dwemer clutter scattered around or found in a table or a closet, three kegs with potentially valuable Dwemer ingredients, and two trapped chests each containing some Dwemer coins and a few random Dwemer artifacts.

Nchardumz, Lower LevelEdit

There are two Dwemer creatures here. The lower level is filled with Dwemer clutter, either found on the shelfs or the tables. The only notable loot here are eight kegs much like the ones in the upper level (except that five of them are smaller and produce fewer loot), and a closet containing a random Dwemer item.


  • Coming back from the Lower Level door, you will be "teleported" in air, instead on the ground, resulting in a little jump.


Map of Nchardumz