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Madura Seran (madura seran)
Location Aidanat Camp
House Abassel's Yurt
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 5 Class Pilgrim
Other Information
Health 65 Magicka 88
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Follower During Rescue Madura Seran
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple 0(Layman)
Madura Seran

Madura Seran, a Dunmer pilgrim, is a Layman for the Tribunal Temple. Madura Seran can be found in Abassel's Yurt at Aidanat Camp, just southwest of Ald Velothi. She's being held for ransom by some outcast Ashlanders, and you've been asked to secure her release as part of an Imperial Legion quest.

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  • Greetings:
    • "Can you get me out of here? Let's travel together."
  • Madura Seran:
    • "Yes, I'm her."
  • Ald Velothi:
    • "Please, get me back to the Outpost there."
  • travel together:
    • "Do you want me to follow you?"
      • Wait here.
        • "Okay. I'll stay right here until you come and get me."
          • Follow me.
            • "Lead me to the Ald Velothi Outpost."

If you pick up the travel together question again after she has already begun following you, she will ask:

  • "Do you want me to wait here?"

Once you have led her into the Outpost, she will say:

  • "Thank you for getting me to the Ald Velothi Outpost."
  • Ald Velothi:
    • "I'm glad to be back."

At this point, if you offer to travel together again, she will say:

  • "No, but thank you. I will rest here and continue my pilgrimage when I can."