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Madas Grotto
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# of Zones 1
Kollops 16
Slaughterfish or Dreugh
Console Location Code(s)
Madas Grotto
Sheogorad, [-3,19]
Madas Grotto

Madas Grotto is a grotto along Vvardenfell's north coast, northeast of the Urshilaku Camp.

The entrance to this large grotto is just under the waterline off the coast. It is almost entirely full of water and contains little other than sea creatures (randomly determined slaughterfish or dreugh) and kollops. In the far southeast room, just east of the small tunnel from the previous room, there is a drowned corpse that will always contain a leveled ring, amulet, and probe, and may contain a small amount of gold. An Imperial Broadsword and, ironically, a Potion of Water Breathing are lying beside the corpse.


Interior map of Madas Grotto