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Lustidrike (lustidrike)
Location Ald Daedroth, Antechamber
Species Scamp Soul Common (100)
Level 8 Type Daedra
  • 1-25pts melee
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 100
Alarm 90 Fight 30

Lustidrike is a unique scamp located in the Antechamber of Ald Daedroth.

He offers free sujamma to all comers to celebrate the Mad God Sheogorath. However, he does not hand out actual sujamma. Instead he is supposed to give you the far less potent "Lustidrike Cocktail", which is supposed to be achieved through a spell rather than a potion, although the effect is bugged.

Lustidrike is one of two scamps in the game that you can talk to, the other being Creeper.



"Wanna drink, buddy? Got anything you want, so long as it's sujamma."

If you return, Lustidrike will see if he thinks you can handle it. If your intelligence is still above 30, he will offer you more:

"Back already? Well, go ahead, drink up. It's free."

If your intelligence is below 30, he'll look out for your safety:

"Back again? I dunno, pal. You look like you've had plenty. Or maybe you ALWAYS look that way."

sujamma: "Free drinks, f'lah. It's on the house. Only you gotta drink it here. Don't want you drinking and flying out there."
Drink a mug of sujamma.:
(If Intelligence is ≥ 30) "Sure. Here ya go…" Goodbye
(If Intelligence is < 30) "Sorry, pal. You've had enough. Go get some exercise or something." Goodbye
Decline.: "Fine. You're the guest. Whatever you want." Goodbye

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  • The name Lustidrike could be intended as a pun. In Norwegian, "Lyst i drikke" can be translated as "Really enjoys drinks".


  • The spell Lustidrike should cast on the player does not work at all, as scamps are unable to cast spells in general.