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Dwemer Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Sheogorad, [6,21]

Mzuleft is a large Dwemer ruin located to the southwest of Dagon Fel.

The ruin is marked on your world map as Mzuleft Ruin. Orcs have taken up residence in this ruin and will attack you on sight. Edwinna of the Mages Guild will ask you to find some Dwemer Scarab Plans in this ruin. You'll find the plans on a shelf in the first room to the right, along with a Key to Mzuleft and some dwemer clutter on shelves. As you enter this room, Mugdul will be on your immediate left. The door to the northwest is locked (40) and trapped, with Orcs Lagakh and Glasha, along with The Egg of Time book, many Rusty Dwemer Cogs and a trapped chest with leveled Dwarven Items.

Heading southeast from the entrance, Durgat and Burgat can be found in the room at the end of the hallway. There are crates containing random clutter and kegs with various ingredients.

The second floor is accessed via a stairway behind a locked (40) and trapped door back along the hallway. Orcs Khadba and Duluk are encountered on the top floor and a Rusty Dwemer Chest that holds random Dwarven Items.

Related QuestsEdit

Mages GuildEdit


  • There is a Key to Mzuleft on the shelf in the room just west of the entrance.
  • The book The Egg of Time can be found on a table in the room that's furthest west.
  • There are two locked trapped doors, both level 40, which are opened by the Key to Mzuleft.
  • Two chests (one is trapped) contain random Dwemer items.
  • Various barrels and crates found in the ruin contain high value alchemy items, jewels, scrap metal, and cogs.
  • With the exception of the Dwemer Scarab Plans, the copy of The Egg of Time and the Key to Mzuleft, all items in Mzuleft are owned by Bugharz gro-Ular. This means any items looted from the ruin will be flagged as stolen. Once Bugharz is killed, items looted from all Mzuleft containers are safe, but items not from containers will still be marked stolen. He is west of Mzuleft, over two mountain ranges, at a Daedric statue of Malacath.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Bugrash gro-Gorzog   Orc Warrior 12 152 78 0 90 Orc Warhammer, Orcish armor (cuirass, greaves, boots, left and right bracers). Key to Mzuleft
Duluk gro-Ghash   Orc Barbarian 16 160 84 0 90 Orcish Battle Axe
Durgat gra-Glurkub   Orc Barbarian 10 118 94 0 90 Orcish Battle Axe
Glasha gra-Magar   Orc Barbarian 18 172 108 0 90 Orc Warhammer
Khadba gro-Uzgurn   Orc Barbarian 1 52 60 0 90
Lagakh gra-Lorga   Orc Healer 16 106 112 0 90 Has a key to Mzuleft
Mugdul gro-Yagarz   Orc Barbarian 17 166 86 0 90 Orcish Battle Axe


Map of Mzuleft