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Imperial armor is composed of a variety of armor styles which are decorative versions of the common Legion veteran's heavy infantry armor. This type of armor is used mostly by the Imperial Legion. The most basic version of Imperial Armor is chain is worn over leather padding, with steel greaves, pauldron, cuirass, and helm.

If you are a member of the Legion, you will need to be wearing a Uniform in order to speak to any fellow members of the Legion of higher rank than yours. The Cuirass is the only part of the armor needed for this, and only 5 Cuirasses qualify:

While other Cuirasses may be labeled as "Imperial", they will not be accepted as Uniforms in the game.

Only two weapons exist in the "Imperial" style, though the Imperial Legion does not by any means restrict themselves to just these weapons. Of the two, the Imperial Broadsword is identical to the Steel Broadsword in appearance, though slightly inferior in terms of damage.


Various styles of Imperial Armor
Templar Armor

The various styles of Imperial armor are:

  • Heavy Armor
    • Imperial Steel Armor: This heavy armor is the most commonly worn by Imperial Legion officers, and the only type for which a complete set exists. The cuirass may be used as a Legion uniform.
    • Imperial Silver Armor: This heavy armor is superior to Imperial Steel in terms of protection, but it does not count as a Legion uniform.
    • Duke's Guard Silver Armor: This heavy cuirass is worn only by the Duke's personal guards, though one can also be purchased. It can be used as a Legion uniform, and is second only to the Lord's Mail in terms of protection for Legion uniforms.
    • Imperial Templar Armor: This rare armor is found worn by several members of the Legion, but the easiest way to acquire it is to perform quests for General Darius in Gnisis. It is superior to most of the other Imperial Armors in terms of protection (though it is surpassed by Dragonscale and some Chain parts, as well as the Lord's Mail, of course), and the cuirass may be used as a Legion uniform.
  • Medium Armor
    • Imperial Chain Armor: This is the most basic of the Imperial Armors. It is mostly medium weight, though the pauldrons are heavy, and there are no boots or gauntlets of this type, so you will have to use Imperial Steel. It is the only non-heavy armor which can be used as a Legion uniform.
    • Imperial Dragonscale Armor: Only the helm, cuirass and shield exist for this medium armor. The cuirass does not count as a Legion uniform, though both pieces offer nearly double the protection of Imperial Chain armor.
  • Light Armor
    • Imperial Newtscale Armor: This somewhat rare light cuirass is worn by a few in the legion, but it does not count as a Legion uniform.
    • Imperial Studded Leather Armor: Another less-common light armor that is worn by some members of the Legion, but also does not count as a Legion uniform.
Name ID         Enchant
Heavy Armor
Imperial Silver Armor
Imperial silver armor, male
Imperial silver armor, female
  Imperial Silver Helm silver_helm 5.0 170 120 17 20
  Imperial Silver Cuirass silver_cuirass 30.0 540 280 18 16
Duke's Guard Silver Armor
Duke's Guard silver cuirass, male
Duke's Guard silver cuirass, female
  Duke's Guard Silver Cuirass* silver_dukesguard_cuirass 30.0 600 350 20 16
Imperial Templar Armor
Imperial Templar armor, male
Imperial Templar armor, female
Totals 103 1620 580 100.3
  Imperial Templar Helmet templar_helmet_armor 5.0 180 75 18 25
  Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass* templar_cuirass 30.0 540 175 18 20
  Imperial Templar Left Pauldron
Imperial Templar Right Pauldron
10.0 180 60 18 2
  Imperial Templar Left Bracer
Imperial Templar Right Bracer
templar bracer left
templar bracer right
5.0 90 25 18 20
  Imperial Templar Greaves templar_greaves 18.0 180 110 18 2.5
  Imperial Templar Boots templar boots 20.0 180 50 18 8.8
Imperial Steel Armor
Imperial steel armor, male
Imperial steel armor, female (default)
Imperial steel armor, female (with LeFemm Armor plugin)
Totals 114 1760 618 150.3
  Imperial Steel Helmet† imperial helmet armor 5.0 160 70 16 25
  Imperial Steel Cuirass* imperial cuirass_armor 29.0 460 150 16 20
  Imperial Steel Left Pauldron
Imperial Steel Right Pauldron
imperial left pauldron
imperial right pauldron
10.0 160 53 16 2
  Imperial Steel Left Gauntlet
Imperial Steel Right Gauntlet
imperial left gauntlet
imperial right gauntlet
5.0 80 33 16 20
  Imperial Steel Greaves imperial_greaves 17.0 170 98 16 2.5
  Imperial Steel Boots imperial boots 19.0 170 50 16 8.8
  Imperial Shield imperial shield 14.0 320 78 16 50
Medium Armor
Name ID         Enchant
Imperial Chain Armor
Imperial chain armor, male
Imperial chain armor, female (default)
Imperial chain armor, female (with LeFemm Armor plugin)
  Imperial Chain Coif imperial_chain_coif_helm 3.5 100 35 10 17.5
  Imperial Chain Cuirass* imperial_chain_cuirass 21.0 300 90 12 14
  Imperial Chain Left Pauldron**
Imperial Chain Right Pauldron**
10.0 200 28 20 7
  Imperial Chain Greaves imperial_chain_greaves 10.0 200 50 20 7
Imperial Dragonscale Armor
Imperial Dragonscale armor, male
Imperial Dragonscale armor, female
  Imperial Dragonscale Helm dragonscale_helm 4.0 200 130 20 20
  Imperial Dragonscale Cuirass dragonscale_cuirass 24.0 600 340 20 16
  Dragonscale Tower Shield dragonscale_towershield 12.0 440 230 22 60
Light Armor
Name ID         Enchant
Imperial Studded Leather Armor
Imperial studded leather armor, male
Imperial studded leather armor, female
  Imperial Studded Leather Cuiras imperial_studded_cuirass 9.0 300 65 10 6
Imperial Newtscale Armor
Imperial Newtscale armor, male
Imperial Newtscale armor, female
  Imperial Newtscale Cuirass newtscale_cuirass 9.0 300 100 10 10

* These four cuirasses are the only base cuirasses which count as Imperial Legion uniforms. Additionally, the Lord's Mail may be used.
** These pauldrons are heavy armor even though they are of the chain type.
† The Imperial Steel Helmet also comes in a cursed variety.

Armor LocationsEdit

Legion Cuirass LocationsEdit

If you join the Imperial Legion, you will be issued Imperial Legion armor. In case you lose your armor, and need a replacement uniform cuirass to receive quest orders, the following is a list of all the locations where the two most common types of uniform cuirasses (Imperial Chain and Imperial Steel) can be found. Locations of Imperial Templar Knight Cuirasses and Duke's Guard Silver Cuirasses are provided below. In addition, the unique Lord's Mail qualifies as a uniform cuirass.

Imperial Chain Cuirass
Imperial Steel Cuirass

Templar Armor LocationsEdit

Complete Set of Imperial Templar Armor
Partial Set of Imperial Templar Armor
Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass
Imperial Templar Left Bracer and Imperial Templar Right Bracer
Imperial Templar Left Pauldron and Imperial Templar Right Pauldron
Imperial Templar Boots

Other Rare Armor LocationsEdit

Imperial Silver Cuirass
Imperial Silver Helm
Duke's Guard Silver Cuirass

Special Armor ItemsEdit

Imperial Steel Helmet
Imperial Shield
Imperial Silver Helm


Name ID       Chop Slash Thrust Speed Reach Enchant
  Imperial Shortsword imperial shortsword 9.0 700 30 4 − 10 4 − 10 6 − 10 2.0 1.0 5
  Imperial Broadsword imperial broadsword 12.0 600 60 6 − 12 4 − 12 4 − 12 1.25 1.0 7
Imperial weapons

Special Weapon ItemsEdit

Imperial Shortsword