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Morrowind:Gnisis Eggmine (quest)

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Cure the Queen of the blighted Gnisis Eggmine.
Quest Giver: Darius in Gnisis
Location(s): Gnisis, Gnisis Eggmine
Prerequisite Quest: Widow Vabdas' Deed
Next Quest: Rescue Madura Seran
Reward: 100 gold
Disposition: +10 (Darius)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Imperial Legion)
ID: IL_GnisisBlight
Required Rank: None
The blighted Kwama Queen

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Darius in Gnisis for orders.
  2. Obtain a spell or scroll of Cure Blight Disease on touch or target.
  3. Go to the Gnisis Eggmine.
  4. Cure the Kwama Queen.
  5. Return to Darius in Gnisis and report your findings.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

General Darius at Madach Tradehouse in Gnisis will ask you to cure the blighted Kwama Queen in the Gnisis Eggmine, located on the hill on the east side of town. You'll need a Cure Blight Disease on Touch/Target spell or a similar scroll (check with Hetman Abelmawia in town, though they are expensive) or you could also get the spell Vivec's Touch from the Shrine of Justice in town.

Vivec's Touch is a spell that will cure any common or blight disease on touch. To learn the spell, you must go to the Tribunal Temple in Gnisis. The relic Vivec's Ashmask is there, but the one on display is a fake. You must go up to the Shrine of Justice and pay tribute once, which will cure any common or blight diseases you may have, and then pay tribute again, which will open a hidden compartment in the shrine to reveal the authentic Vivec's Ashmask. Paying tribute requires a donation of a Cure Common Disease potion each time. These can be bought from the alchemist in the temple. Touch the Ashmask to be taught the spell Vivec's Touch.

After procuring your preferred method of curing the Kwama Queen, just head up to the Eggmine. Follow the main tunnel to the Lower Eggmine. Be careful, as the Kwama Queen is guarded by several Kwama Warriors. Return to Darius when the Queen is cured to collect 100 gold.


  • Although the Kwama Warriors will attack you, the Queen will not; killing her will result in quest failure.
  • If you have cured the Kwama Queen before starting this quest, Darius will not immediately recognize what you've done. Just return to the Queen's chamber to receive the proper journal update upon entry.
  • If you have stolen the land deed in the previous quest and have not killed Lugrub gro-Ogdum), he will no longer be hostile once you have started this quest.
  • If you are not Imperial Legion and enter into the mine (e.g., via the river back door), the Kwama Queen will not actually be blighted, despite all the "blighted mine" claims of the townsfolk. However, other blighted Kwama creatures may still spawn in the mine.
  • After curing the queen, talking about it with Gnisis townsfolk increases their disposition by 10, up to a maximum of 60.


  • If you have already rescued Madura Seran, you will not be given this quest.
    •   You can begin the previous quest, Widow Vabdas' Deed, via console commands (see the bugs section for instructions). Speaking to Darius about "Eggmine" after completing the previous quest should allow this quest to proceed.
  • If you kill the Kwama Queen, Darius' disposition is supposed to go down by 20, but since there are two dialogue lines with the same requisites, it will never happen.
  • If you haven't discussed the outcome of the previous quest with Widow Vabdas before starting this quest, your journal may fail to update when you cast the Cure Blight Disease spell on the Kwama Queen. ?
    • Return to the Widow and speak to her about the previous quest or donate to Darius' Widows Fund, then head back to the egg mine and cure the Kwama Queen's blight sickness. The quest should now progress normally.
  • The spells Vivec's Touch and Rilm's Gift may not work. Buy a Scroll of Daerir's Blessing from Hetman Abelmawia and use that, as Darius suggests.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Gnisis Eggmine (IL_GnisisBlight)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Darius asked me to cure the Kwama Queen in the Gnisis Eggmine. The Kwama Queen is blighted and the villagers suffer.
50 I cured the blighted Kwama Queen in the Gnisis Eggmine.
100 Finishes quest  Darius thanked me for curing the Kwama Queen in the Gnisis Eggmine.
200 Finishes quest  I told Darius that the Kwama Queen in the Gnisis Eggmine was dead.

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