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Ghorak Manor
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# of Zones 1
Orcs, and Creeper
Console Location Code(s)
Caldera, Ghorak Manor
Caldera, [-2,2]
Ghorak Manor

Ghorak Manor is a manor in Caldera. It is occupied by five Orcs and Creeper, a non-hostile scamp with 5,000 gold, who buys and sells items at base cost. The house itself is nothing special. It is three stories tall, with two orcs on the first floor, two more and Creeper on the second floor, and finally, on the top floor is Duma gro-Lag, a sculptor involved in Boethiah's Quest. There is a partial set of Orcish Armor in a crate next to him.

There is plenty of room for storage in this house, consisting of nine crates and ten sacks.


  • On the top floor near Duma, you can find gold and an enchanted blade on the rafters, using either Levitation or, with sufficient Acrobatics skill, a high jump.
  • All residents have an alarm value of zero, meaning they won't report crimes, and you can steal at will.
  • With the exception of Duma gro-Lag (who plays a major role in a Daedric quest), the rest of the Orcs in Ghorak Manor can be killed without any consequences. Since the manor makes an excellent player home complete with a special resident merchant, you can easily clear the place out and move in yourself.
  • The Wolf Queen, Book VII, a skill book for Speechcraft, and Night Falls On Sentinel, a skill book for Blunt Weapon, can be found here.

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Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Creeper - Scamp 5 60 100 0 0 Creature merchant
Duma gro-Lag   Orc Bard 6 76 102 0 30
Ghoragdush gro-Kashug   Orc Barbarian 7 96 96 0 30
Gulfim gra-Borbul   Orc Barbarian 7 92 23 0 30
Lorzub gro-Bogla   Orc Warrior 11 143 143 0 30
Urul gro-Ghorak   Orc Knight 17 168 96 0 30