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Morrowind:Daren Adryn

Morrowind: People
Daren Adryn (daren adryn)
Home Town Gnaar Mok
Location Nadene Rotheran's Shack
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 9 Class Drillmaster
Other Information
Health 94 Magicka 112
Alarm 0 Fight 50
Faction(s) Camonna Tong 0(Bully)
Daren Adryn

Daren Adryn is a Dark Elf drillmaster and Bully of the Camonna Tong living in Gnaar Mok. He is the local Camonna Tong bigwig and can be found in Nadene Rotheran's shack, their local meeting place. He is soft-spoken, but ruthless.

He has been threatening Thieves Guild member Ahnassi, attempting to pressure her into betraying the guild to receive "protection" from the Camonna Tong. Ahnassi is very afraid of him, and if you are male, she will ask you as her "special friend" to kill this "bad person".

If you ask him about Ahnassi, he will deny everything, and advise you not to bring up the subject again. If you still do, he and the other Camonna Tong members in the shack will turn hostile and attack.

Daren wears a common robe along with matching shoes. He also carries a demon tanto. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.


  • Greetings:
"Go away, outlander."
"Don't push your luck, mister."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you ask Daren Adryn about Ahnassi, he reacts as follows:

  • Ahnassi
    • "Never heard of her. And none of your business if I did. So blow, like smoke, or I'll spill you like a baby's cup."

Mention the Khajiit a second time and Adryn will lose his temper:

  • Ahnassi
    • "You must be hard of hearing. And soon you'll be hard of breathing. Goodbye

Related QuestsEdit



  • Daren Adryn does not exist until the related quest has been started.