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Dabienne Mornardl (dabienne mornardl)
Home City Wolverine Hall
Location Mage's Guild
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 7 Class Enchanter Service
Other Enchanting Enchanter
Gold 800 Mercantile Novice (10)
Other Information
Health 55 Magicka 152
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice)
Dabienne Mornardl

Dabienne Mornardl is a Breton enchantress who works for the Mage's Guild in Wolverine Hall. She provides enchanting service, as well as a selection of magical items for sale.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in italics are equipped, and can be purchased if you sell her something better first. (If there is more than one, you may be able to purchase the others.)
  • Items in bold are Leveled Lists. Click on them to learn more about what they may contain.
Item Qty
Scroll of Baleful Suffering -2
Scroll of Breva's Averted Eyes -2
Scroll of Daynar's Airy Bubble -2
Scroll of Fader's Leaden Flesh -2
Scroll of Flameguard -5
Scroll of Fphyggi's Gem-Feeder -2
Scroll of Frostguard -5
Scroll of Ondusi's Unhinging -2
Scroll of Reynos' Beast Finder -2
Scroll of Reynos' Fins -1
Scroll of Shockguard -5
Scroll of Summon Skeleton -1
Scroll of The Third Barrier -5
random_scroll_all -6
Item Qty
Common Robe 1
Common Shoes 1
l_m_enchantitem_hlaalu_rank0 -2
l_m_enchantitem_imperial_rank0 -3
l_m_enchantitem_redoran_rank2 -2
l_m_enchantitem_redoran_rank4 -1
l_m_enchantitem_telvanni_rank01 -2
l_m_enchantitem_telvanni_rank6 -1
l_m_enchantitem_temple_rank0_1 -2
l_m_enchantitem_temple_rank0_2 -2