Morrowind:Brothes Oran

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Brothes Oran (brothes oran)
Location Aharunartus
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 5 Class Agent
Training Short Blade (51)
Light Armor (46)
Sneak (41)
Other Information
Health 60 Magicka 88
Alarm 0 Fight 90
Brothes Oran

Brothes Oran is a hostile Dunmer agent located in Aharunartus.

He is a medium trainer in Short Blade, and a minor trainer in Light Armor and Sneak, if you can manage to speak to him.

He wears a common shirt with matching pants and amulet and a netch leather left gauntlet with matching boots. He also carries an iron dagger and up to 5 gold. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.