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Morrowind:Bows and Arrows

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Bows are one type of weapon governed by the Marksman skill. Arrows are needed as ammunition for bows. Complete lists of bows and arrows, including enchanted and unique ones, are also available. Other marksman weapons are described at Crossbows and Bolts and Throwing Weapons.


A powerful but demanding weapon, the long bow is historically associated with Altmer aristocrats and Bosmer hunters. The less-powerful bonemold long bow of Morrowind is traditionally a noble's hunting weapon, but has been adopted for wider use by many outlander sportsmen and mercenaries. - Garothmuk gro-Muzgub

In the West, the wooden short bow is the standard weapon of Legionary missile troops and scouts. In Morrowind, however, wood is in very short supply, and the chitin bow favored by the Ashlanders is laminated bone-shell-and resin. - Garothmuk gro-Muzgub

Name ID       Damage Enchant
  Chitin Short Bow chitin short bow 2.0 500 20 1−10 1
  Short Bow short bow 4.0 500 60 1−15 2
  Long Bow long bow 8.0 550 50 1−20 3.5
  Steel Longbow steel longbow 8.0 600 100 1−25 3.5
  Bonemold Long Bow bonemold long bow 7.0 700 250 1−30 40
  Daedric Long Bow daedric long bow 24.0 1,000 50,000 2−50 10.5
Short Bows: Chitin Short Bow, Short Bow
Long Bows: Bonemold Long Bow, Daedric Long Bow,
Long Bow, Steel Longbow


Name ID      
  Corkbulb Arrow corkbulb arrow 0.1 1 1−1
  Chitin Arrow chitin arrow 0.1 1 1−2
  Iron Arrow iron arrow 0.1 1 1−3
  Silver Arrow silver arrow 0.1 3 1−3
  Bonemold Arrow bonemold arrow 0.15 2 1−4
  Steel Arrow steel arrow 0.1 2 1−4
  Glass Arrow glass arrow 0.15 8 1−6
  Ebony Arrow ebony arrow 0.2 10 5−10
  Daedric Arrow daedric arrow 0.3 20 10−15
Arrows: Bonemold, Chitin, Corkbulb, Daedric, Ebony, Glass, Iron, Silver, Steel

Arrow of Wasting Flame(80) and Ebony Arrow(30) can be bought from Alusaron in Vivec Foreign, Plaza