Morrowind:Barnand Erelie

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Barnand Erelie (barnand erelie)
Home Town Tel Branora
Location Sethan's Tradehouse
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 9 Class Healer
Training Mysticism (57)
Restoration (57)
Alteration (52)
Other Information
Health 70 Magicka 118
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Mages Guild Apprentice(Apprentice)
Barnand Erelie

Barnand Erelie, a Breton healer, is an Apprentice of the Mages Guild. He is staying at Sethan's Tradehouse in Tel Branora.

Female characters who help Maurrie Aurmine find love will be directed to speak to Barnand. He is a medium trainer in Mysticism, Restoration, and Alteration.

He wears a common robe with matching shoes. He also carries a cheap disease resistance potion, a bargain fortify endurance potion, a quality fortify health potion, a standard fortify health potion, and up to 125 gold. Aside from his natural bonus and resistance to magicka, and his ability to shield himself for short periods, he knows the following spells: Heavy Burden, Great Burden of Sin, Crushing Burden Touch, Weary, Tinur's Hoptoad, Sixth Barrier, Reflect, Weak Spelldrinker, Poet's Whim, Great Resist Common Disease, Variable Resist Corprus Disease, Great Resist Fire, Flameguard, Great Resist Frost, and Frostguard.

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  • Maurrie Aurmine:
" you're the one who brought Maurrie and Nelos together. Nothing has been seen or heard of them since then, but the bards are singing songs of their love. Well, done %PCName! Please, take these as a token of my gratitude." (Disposition up by 20) (You receive three Exclusive Restore Health potions)
  • Maurrie and Nelos:
"I'm sure they'll be very happy together."