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Balmora's Finest Homes
General Information
Overview of Balmora - A brief overview of the council seat of House Hlaalu.
Key - A description of the house details header.
Big and more spacious
Hlaalo Manor - The owner, who has already been murdered, doesn't mind you taking his house; he just lies around all day, anyway.
Dura gra-Bol's House - You need to kill her for the Fighters Guild anyhow. This house gives you three floors of living space, and it's right next to the Silt Strider.
Western Guard Towers - The western towers are on opposite sides of the path leading to the east side of High Town.
Eastern Guard Tower - This tower stands alone on the row of houses near Caius Cosades' house.
Council Club - The Council Club is the usual hangout of the Camonna Tong. After Larrius Varro's quest, this place is yours.
Nerano Manor - Manor owned by Ondres Nerano, a high class nobleman in Balmora.
Small and cozy
Vori's House - Vori's house has a scenic view of the Odai River and is quite a cozy place to live in.
Caius Cosades - The humble home of the head of the Blades in Vvardenfell.
Fighters Guild - If you don't mind a few roomates, the Fighters Guild can be a very accommodating abode.
Fast Eddie's House - This home is yours after you recruit him to be your Telvanni mouth.
Mages Guild - Like the Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild can also be very accommodating.

General InformationEdit

Overview of BalmoraEdit

House Hlaalu services are available at Hlaalu Council Manor in High Town. Tribunal Temple faithful seek solace and services at the Balmora Temple in the northwest. Outlanders must travel outside the town walls, through the South Gate and east along well-marked roads to Moonmoth Legion Fort for Imperial Legion and the Imperial Cult services. The guildhalls of the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild are on the street north from the plaza in the Commercial District. Morag Tong services are available at their guildhall in the extreme northwest of High Town. Better shops are in High Town on the hill, with numerous merchants in the Commercial District, west of the river, and a few traders in Labor Town, east of the river. For more information, see the main Balmora article.


Services: Services and establishments inside or next door to the house.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Occupant(s): The names and occupations of any occupants of the house
Description: A detailed description of the house's features.

Big and more spaciousEdit

Hlaalo Manor

Hlaalo ManorEdit

Services: Book 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 22 (med. armor)
Storage: 1 Chest of drawers on 3rd floor; 6 barrels, 5 sacks, 4 crates, 2 wooden barrels, 2 cloth sacks, Ralen's body, 1 small chest (lock level 65) hidden behind a tapestry at the top of the first set of stairs.
Occupant(s): Uryne Nirith, Ralen Hlaalo (dead)
Description: Hlaalo Manor is the site of a murder of a nobleman. His house is decent-sized and has a level 35 lock on the front door and a level 40 lock on the balcony. The only other living occupant of this manor is Ralen's servant, Uryne Nirith, who shouldn't be a problem as you can just lock her in her room. The only other bed here is in the ransacked upstairs room. The middle floor has the balcony door and servant's room. The bottom floor has the deceased Ralen and a bunch of sacks, creates, and baskets with plenty of alchemical ingredients. There are several large tables to display your valuables. Ralen's body has a nearly infinite weight limit, so you can stuff him with all your goodies if you are in need of a bank.

Dura gra-Bol's house

Dura gra-Bol's HouseEdit

Services: none
Storage: Locked chest in the basement, several crates on the third floor
Occupant(s): Dura gra-Bol (until her death)
Description: This is the biggest house east of the Odai River, and is a legal acquisition from a Fighters Guild quest. It has a basement and three floors in tower style. There is a bed and a chest in the basement and several crates on the third floor. There is a door on every level except the top floor.

Behind, (east of), the house is the South Wall Cornerclub. Also, the path that leads to Fort Moonmoth is just over the hill, south of this house. This house also has the advantage of being next to Drarayne Thelas' storage room, (the second story of Drarayne Thelas' house), that can be used for storage space after completing the Exterminator quest for the Fighters Guild.

Note: All of the crates are owned by Dura gra-Bol; putting your items in them, (and later removing them), makes them "stolen".

Note: You can also kill Dura before the Fighter Guild's quest and not get a bounty.

The Western Guard Towers in Balmora

Western Guard TowersEdit

Services: none
Storage: unknown
Occupant(s): Hlaalu Guards
Description: These two towers are on opposite sides of the path leading into High Town. Both are set up in the same way. The bottom floor is accessible from the stoop facing the manors. Inside, there is a short staircase to the small sitting room/storage area basement, the middle floor has nothing really to offer, and at the top is the trapdoor that leads to the roof. One tower has a bed at the top, and the other tower's top floor functions as an armory. The towers are not too useful, though it's more of a preference home. Who else in Vvardenfell owns a pair of towers in the middle of town?

The Eastern Guard Tower in Balmora

Eastern Guard TowerEdit

Services: none
Storage: Wardrobe
Occupant(s): Hlaalu Guard
Description: This guard tower is similar to the western ones. The bottom floor is a storage room, the ground floor with the door, a middle floor, which has nothing really to offer other than a couple of weapon racks, and the top room is a bedroom. The wardrobe in the bedroom has some bonemold armor, and on top of it lies the Sword of White Woe. The ladder to the trapdoor is inside this room.

The Council Club in Balmora

Council ClubEdit

Services: Bartender inside, silt strider outside
Storage: Two small chests, two large chests, two crates, four sacks, two baskets and two barrels. All of the containers are owned by Banor Seran or Thanelen Velas
Occupant(s): Five Camonna Tong members and a bartender (initially)
Description: The Council Club is the meeting place of the xenophobic Camonna Tong. After Larrius Varro's quest to take out the Camonna Tong members in the building, the entire place is yours. You even get your own bartender!

Nerano Manor

Nerano ManorEdit

Services: None
Storage: Plenty of chests and closets and (if you're the decorative type) plenty of shelves and tables.
Occupants: Ondres Nerano
Description: Nerano Manor is owned by Ondres Nerano, a high class nobleman in Balmora. It is arguably one of the best houses for "decorative players", due to its great location and spacious interior with many tables and shelves.

Small and cozyEdit

Vori's house

Vori's HouseEdit

Services: None
Storage: 1 Chest, 1 Small Chest, 3 Baskets, 2 Cloth Sacks
Occupants: None
Description: This house is locked with a 50-point lock. It is right by the river, so you might have some problems detection-wise. Inside is a 3-level shelf, a dinner table, a Stoneflower plant, a bed with a table beside it, and a table with a stool. The house is also well equipped with wall hangings. The bags and baskets have random ingredients, and the shelves have random pottery. If you rearrange this house, it looks really good and makes a great place to store stuff in a nice location on the river.
Bugs: Storing things here will rarely cause them to be labeled "owner vori", as if the item had originally belonged in the house.

Caius Cosades' house

Caius Cosades' HouseEdit

Services: Blades Trainer (Caius Cosades)
Storage: 1 Chest, 1 Small Chest, 2 sacks
Occupant(s): Caius Cosades
Description: Caius Cosades is the Operative and head of the Blades in Vvardenfell. After you have finished all of his quests, he will name you as his replacement in Vvardenfell and loan you his house while he takes a leave of absence in Cyrodiil. This is a very basic home, located at the northeast wall of Balmora. It is close to the South Wall Cornerclub and Eastern Guard Tower. The home consists of a bed, a table and chairs, and a small shelf. There is a locked chest, the key to which can be found amidst the leaves of a potted plant. There are a few lockpicks and probes on the shelf above the chest, and atop the chest there is a common shirt. There is a War of the First Council book, a good skooma pipe, and a sack under the bed. However, most of these possessions and all of the containers are still owned by Caius Cosades even after he loans the house to you, which somewhat limits its usefulness. Nevertheless, the home is legally acquired by the player and has a bed.

The Balmora Fighters Guild

Fighters GuildEdit

Services: Fighters Guild
Storage: Footlockers
Occupant(s): Eydis Fire-Eye and Hasphat Antabolis
Description: In the Balmora Fighters Guild and down the first ramp there's a door that leads to a small room to room with a pair of bunk beds. It's a bit small, but it is perfect for a new player that's just looking for a spot to store a few items and a bed. There is also a room at the end of that hallway past a locked door with a bed and attached storage space.

The Balmora Mages Guild

Mages GuildEdit

Services: Mages Guild
Storage: Wardrobe
Occupant(s): Estirdalin and Sharn gra-Muzgob
Description: In the Balmora Mages Guild, down the first ramp and in the main room, there's an area with bunk beds and a locked wardrobe. It makes an ideal place to drop items neatly onto any of the 4 bunks and a small table, and the large wardrobe is excellent for storing all of your alchemy ingredients once unlocked and the original contents removed (level 15 lock). There's never been any issue reported with unlocking it. Also, if you are a member of the Mages Guild, this bunk area is right next to the Guild Guide, so setting a Mark here makes this storage area very convenient.

Fast Eddie's house (up the stairs)

Fast Eddie's HouseEdit

Services: None
Storage: Two urns, one crate, three baskets, and four sacks
Occupants: Fast Eddie (until quest)
Description: Fast Eddie can be found here until you recruit him as your mouth for House Telvanni. There is not much in the way of storage here, but it's nice to have an extra home in the middle of the city. This house is not indicated on the map of Balmora; look for its door above the door to Itan's House. Inside, in the open crate near the bed is a small chest filled with random gems.

Dralasa Nithryon's place can be yours

Balmora PawnbrokerEdit

Services: None
Storage: Urns, crates, baskets, and sacks
Occupants: Dralasa Nithryon
Description: A great place to store loot is Balmora's Pawnbroker. Do not be scared to kill the very weak owner there, she is not a vital NPC. An exceptional place to store loot! It is between the two main guilds, a great house, and a ten second stroll from the Silt Strider.

Before you kill the owner, sell her some things and buy some of her items. After you kill her, you can take back what you sold her.

Karlirah's HouseEdit

Services: None
Storage: 2 urns, 2 chests (large and small), 1 basket, and 3 sacks
Occupants: Karlirah
Description: You can kill the owner without getting a bounty.

Upon entry on the first floor's front door is the first of three bookshelves found in the home, with an assortment of bottles and jugs.

Another bookshelf on this floor near the stairway holds a variety of bowls, cups, pots, and a platter. Between them is a potted Black Anther plant resting on a single shelf. At the top of the stairs leading to the second floor, storage containers can be found— a basket and two urns in the corner, a chest of clothing near the bed, and a small chest on a single shelf nestled above the bed.

The third bookshelf sits beyond the edge of the bed near the corner that leads to the locked (50) balcony doorway leading outside. It is stocked with similar wares as the last. Before the second floor doorway is a small table in the corner with no chair to speak of.

The home is decorated with dark green tapestries and illuminated by candlelight.

Drarayne Thelas' houseEdit

Services: None
Occupants: Drarayne Thelas
Description: The house contains a big shelf and a table in the main room, good for displaying items.
There are a few baskets in the main room containing lots of pillows, good for storing misc items.
In the bedroom, there are two shelves mounted on the wall which don't offer much storage space, but are good for displaying
small items. One of the shelves has a potted plant on it.
Outside, there are a few baskets, good for instant access of goods.
The house also has an upstairs, only accessible from the outside, full of storage boxes and barrels, including a chest.
Thelas can be killed after finishing the first quest from the Fighters Guild in Balmora.