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Morrowind:Andre Maul's Tower

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Dwemer Ruin:
Andre Maul's Tower
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# of Zones 2
Andre Maul
Console Location Code(s)
Dagon Fel, Andre Maul's Tower
Dagon Fel
Andre Maul's Tower

Andre Maul's Tower is a Dwemer tower located on the island just north of Dagon Fel.

The lower area of the tower contains a bed, a table, and some crates. A ladder leads upstairs to a room with Andre Maul. Andre is a savant who can mark various locations on your map and talk to you about many topics. Within the tower, there is a copy of the Enchant skill book The Wolf Queen, Book VIII, 25 gold, and crates with Dwemer armor and weapons.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Andre Maul   Breton Savant 22 139 200 0 30