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Mod: Redguard File Formats

Rough documentation of Redguard's FNT files. WIP

Overall FormatEdit

    Header (56 bytes)

Header FormatEdit

The file header is 56 bytes in size and has the rough format:

     0x00: 4 byte magic number : "FNHD"
     0x04: big endian int : size of header (always 0x38)
     0x08: 32 byte char array : name (corresponds to address 0x14 in struct)
     0x28: (corresponds to address 0x34 in struct)
     0x2a: (corresponds to address 0x36 in struct)
     0x2c: (corresponds to address 0x38 in struct)
     0x2e: (corresponds to address 0x3a in struct)
     0x30: (corresponds to address 0x3c in struct)
     0x32: (corresponds to address 0x3e in struct)
     0x34: (corresponds to address 0x40 in struct)
     0x36: (corresponds to address 0x42 in struct)
     0x38: (corresponds to address 0x44 in struct)
     0x3a: (corresponds to address 0x46 in struct)
     0x3c: (corresponds to address 0x48 in struct)
     0x3e: 2 byte value. Short? 0 indicates no palette in file (corresponds to address 0x4a in struct)

Palette FormatEdit

The palette is 776 bytes and has the following format:

     0x00: 4 byte magic number : "FPAL" or "BPAL". not sure the difference
     0x04: big endian int : size of palette (always 0x300)
     0x08: 256 item array of colors (r, g, b), one byte for each color