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Trinimac the Golden Champion, the enemy of Quarvish
An ice eagle from Wrothgar

Zylvara was a mythical great eagle mount of Trinimac the Golden Champion. It was present in the faith of the Orc branch of the Cult of Trinimac. Zylvara is mentioned in one of the texts, authored by Venerable Uugus, a member of the cult active in the Second Era. His text mentions a tale where Zylvara bore the Golden Champion to his reckoning with the man-demon Quarvish. Its soaring wings were the inspiration for Orcish metalworkers of the cult, who style the pauldrons of their armors in the likeness of the wings of the Great Eagle of the Golden Champion.[1] Although the imagery of eagle is common among the Altmer,[2] it is unknown if Zylvara was also present in the Altmeri cult of Trinimac or if there is any connection between it and the Altmeri eagle iconography.

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