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Lore:Wrathful Flame

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"First came those who built her walls
Next is the clan who armed her halls
Third were they who kept her fueled
Last whom o'er all others ruled"
Orcish child's rhyme

The Wrathful Flame is an Orcish religious order based in Wrothgar. Every ten years they light Malacath's pyre in ruins of the first incarnation of Orsinium. Legends say that for one thousand years they have honored the four clans who founded Orsinium and scorned those who caused its fall.

The order seeks to show Malacath that they will not repeat the mistakes of the past. They bind Malacath's anger to the failures of the Orcs and strive to remember what led to their doom. According to Malacath, rekindling the pyre every generation fuels vengeance in the hearts of his followers.[1][2]


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