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Lore:Worship in Fanacas

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Worship in Fanacas
On the Ayleid ruin Fanacas and plans to enact a ritual there

There is fear, as in every venture into the unknown. But the others will follow my lead, I do not doubt it. I need only show a confident face to the rest, no matter what qualms I feel inside. They will follow; they always do.

Fanacas excites me like no other Ayleid ruin I've seen. A vast, evil presence saturates the air, exuded from the ground and structures all over the site. Great offerings, of blood and souls, must have been made here once, for their auras to be felt even now.

What would I not give to have been here then, back during the glory years of the Ayleids! How I would have reveled in the sounds, sounds, and smells of the sacrifices. Longing for those golden days sustained me through the years of study it took to reach this point, trembling on the precipice of greatness.

Tonight, when Masser and Secunda align, we enact the final ritual.

Tonight, we cast open the pathway to the glorious ancient Ayleids, beseeching their aid in our transformations, that we may better worship them.

Tonight, we become one with the immortals.

Tonight, the name of Mabrel Pierel will at long last inspire fear and awe across all of Tamriel!