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Lore:Why We Farm

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Why We Farm
The final words of an imprisoned Bosmer who broke the Green Pact

Now that we have been banished to this cave there is little for us to do but chronicle the reasons we have been forced here. It distracts us from the hunger, and we will not break and eat our own kin as our disgusting brethren outside do.

We Bosmer, though they call us Apostates, seek to join the rest of the world in modern, civilized thought. We do not wish to be tree-worshiping primitives any longer.

To that end we did what to our cousins who imprisoned us in here is unthinkable: we farmed.

We planted and sowed and were going to harvest until we were found out and cast down here, beneath the surface, to die for our transgression against the Green Pact.

We did not agree to the Green Pact, our ancestors did long ago. Yet we must live with the consequences. We cannot even make our own bows thanks to this ridiculous agreement, yet we can buy them from other people. For us to chop down trees is blasphemy, but to pay someone else to do it is fine.

This hypocrisy is ridiculous and we refused to be bound by it. For our refusal, we die.