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Torchbugs are small, nocturnal insects that are found all over Tamriel. They are prized for the usefulness in crafting potions. Bosmer catch torchbugs and dry them out to be smoked in pipes.[1] Torchbugs can be encased in amber and enchanted to create a handy light source that fits in one's pocket.[2] Torchbugs are attracted to the nocturnal flowers that feed from graht-oaks, and often build their hives near those flowers.[3] Some Bosmer also believe that being followed by a friendly torchbug is a sign of good fortune.[1] Similarly, the Khajiit believe that crimson torchbugs are the light of Jode given form, and that they bless moon-sugar crops as they flit around them.[4] These crimson torchbugs are also known to thrive in Murkmire.[5]


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