Lore:The Spilled Sand

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The Spilled Sand
Type Plane
Realm Mundus
Appears in ESO
The Spilled Sand

The Spilled Sand is an obscure realm speculated to be the realm of Alkosh that exists beyond even the Sands Behind the Stars.[1] It is not a physical place, but a story which is simultaneously part of the tapestry of time while also outside of it.[2] Masser and Secunda are visible from the realm, indicating that it resides in the Mundus. The realm consists of an endless looping expanse of sands; a giant golden dragon, either deep in slumber or possibly dead, can be seen partially buried in the sand. In the center of the realm lies a golden oasis with Alkosh's Hourglass,[3] the symbol of the Dragon God of Time.[4]

The Spilled Sand was accessed by the Vestige in the 2E 582 in pursuit of the Mask of Alkosh. The dragon Nahfahlaar described the realm as a myth made manifest that was simply a "trick of the mask".[5] The Khajiit hero Ja'darri described it as not a place, but rather a story being told again and again, though when pressed would not say outright if it was the realm of Alkosh.[2] Under the guidance of Ja'darri's spirit, the Vestige and Nahfahlaar performed a ritual through Alkosh that imbued the mask with the power to take on the dragon Laatvulon, and later Kaalgrontiid.[6]


  • Akatosh's avatar is a golden dragon.[7] A golden dragon in Sunspire Temple was mistaken for Alkosh,[8] and given the connections between the realm and Alkosh, it is likely the large golden dragon is a physical manifestation of him.



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