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King Tamlien
Race Altmer Gender Male
Next Ruler Hidellith
Resided in Alinor
Oracle Marieve, the seer who foretold Tamlien's demise
Queen Ayrenn, his heir

King Tamlien was the ruler of Alinor and an ancestor of the royal line of the Summeset Isles, including Queen Ayrenn and Prince Naemon.[1] He ruled at some point before 2E 580, before King Hidellith.[nb 1]


Little is known of Tamlien's life, except that his death was foreseen by the oracle Marieve, who also predicted the death of king Folbert[2] the Wide of Daggerfall,[3] and the Daedric Triad threat to the Summerset Isle and Artaeum.[4][5]

Circa 2E 582, Queen Ayrenn as a new monarch inheriting the throne, per tradition, traveled to the vast ruins on Auridon, Tanzelwil to commune with the dead and seek their approval to the throne. She hoped that if the ancestors approved her, the Altmeri people would accept her as the rightful heir of king Tamlien.[1][6]


  • 1.  Queen Ayrenn inherited the throne from her father Hidellith, who died in 2E 580. Although Hidellith's reign was considered long for Altmeri standards,[7] the death of Tamlien was predicted by a Breton oracle Marieve, who was alive as of 2E 582.[2][5]