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Lore:Talisman of Saint Vorys

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Talisman of Saint Vorys

The Talisman of Saint Vorys was a relic sacred to the followers of Saint Vorys the Immolant.[1] It was an amulet inlaid with gems, with a large moonstone serving as the focal point.[2] The central stone is known to the Baandari as the Eye of Baan Dar,[3] and was taken from Anequina by Saint Vorys during his conquest of the region.[1] The talisman was housed at his shrine in Sailenmora: it could be closely examined only by house members of a certain rank, but viewing was open to the public.[4]

Saint Vorys and the Dark Elves were convinced that the relic held some sort of hidden mystical power, and for centuries, Telvanni mages of sufficient rank studied the relic, attempting to exert their will over the stone and unravel its mysteries.[1][5] However, their efforts were in vain: the stone had no magical properties, as it was simply an impressive hunk of unenchanted moonstone. Its only true significance was symbolic: the Eye of Baan Dar was a token traded between merchants of the Baandari clan in Elsweyr.[3][6]

In 2E 582, a Baandari elder traveled to Sailenmora with his caravan. With them came a cunning thief and friend to the elder, who conspired to steal the talisman and the Eye within back for the clan.[7] The thief managed to snatch the talisman out from under the priests' noses, but ended up handing it off to an adventurer as a bargaining chip when the Baandari were taken hostage by the mercenary company they hired to protect them in Telvanni territory. The elder and his surviving family members were rescued, but it is unknown whether the talisman ultimately returned to Baandari hands or was relinquished to the Temple by the adventurer who saved them.[8]