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The Sable Knight

Soulrazer Knights are Golem-like entities resembling knightly suits of armor which are animated by necromantic energies.[1] They are an enigma, with people speculating as to who created them. For their nature, theories exist on them being manifestations of a being's instincts, with the willpower being what keeps them moving. On origins, one possibility is that they were created by druids as they are often seen protecting sacred sites, though others believe at minimum a mage was involved.[2]

Lord Leobert Oris, knight commander of the Death's Valor Knightly Order, transformed himself into a Soulrazer Knight after abandoning his knightly creed and flaying himself of all his flesh. His spirit was placed into a suit of armor, and his ritual also condemned all within the Order's keep to undeath.[3]

The Sable Knight was one of the first Soulrazer Knights conjured by a necromancer to aid in battle. After the conjurer's death, it roamed around High Isle and spread its necromantic energies, reanimating those it has slain.[4]

Soulrazer mounts also exist, including those shaped like bears, guars, senches, steeds, and wolves.[5]


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