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A fox (Skyrim)

Foxes are small, non-aggressive creatures that inhabit the wilderness. They prey on rabbits and flee from larger predators and people. Hunters target foxes mainly for their pelts, and although less common, some people of Tamriel keep foxes as pets.

Fennec Foxes are a breed of fox native to Hammerfell. Adapted to the desert, these foxes prey on scorpions. They can be difficult to hunt as their large ears grant them excellent hearing, but hunters can also utilize a poison made of garlic and onion paste. Fennec fox meat is more tender and less gamey than that of wolves.[1] Many desert people have domesticated fennec foxes into loyal and alert pets.[2]


According to druid legend, the first foxes swam from Y'ffelon shortly before Mount Firesong first erupted.[3]

Shor is often depicted as a fox,[4] and carvings of foxes are often seen in Nordic ruins.

Members of House Hlaalu are known to play a game called "Foxes & Felines".[5]

Some foxes are sacred to the Reachfolk. The Reach leatherworkers of Markarth are known to set aside sacred fox hides for the swiftest and most cunning hunters.[6] One of the aspects of the Daedric Prince Hircine, Gulibeg, is known as the Quick Fox and shares characteristics with some cultural interpretations of Lorkhan.[7][8][9][10]


  • Arctic Fennec Fox — The Arctic Fennec is native to the snowy shores of Skyrim's Sea of Ghosts. When local Nords spot one romping in the drifts, they respond with the traditional oath of "Shor's Ears!".
  • Bergama Fennec FoxAsh'abah revere fennec foxes for leading lost children back to the tribe. Scholars say that it is more likely the foxes are seeking out the nearest watering hole.[11]
  • Dusky Fennec Fox — Also called the Midnight Fennec Fox. They are native to the high savannah of northern Elsweyr, and are often domesticated by nomadic tribes of Khajiit.
  • Flint-Pelt Fox — Legend tells of a Breton hunter who freed a Flint-Pelt Fox from a hagraven's snare. Now these creatures seek out any warrior that attacks hagravens, often lingering around areas terrorized by their hated enemies.
  • Linchal Titan Fox — Though shy, this orange and black fox fiercely defends its den, a trait which builders of Fort Linchal noted in their records. They tamed those they displaced during construction, then took them home to the Imperial City, where they were popular with nobles.
  • Snow Foxes — A small, white furred variety of fox that can be encountered in the colder regions of Skyrim. Rabbits are one of their favorite prey. Some are kept as pets by Skyrim's inhabitants. Hunters often sell their pelts, which are considered more valuable than those of regular foxes.
  • Swamp-Foxes — A species native to Black Marsh.


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