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The Various Skein Invertebrates

Skein invertebrates are daedric invertebrates that inhabit the Spiral Skein. They were created by the Daedric Prince Mephala as "improved" versions of Tamrielic invertebrates.[1] Uncommonly for Daedric creatures, they are capable of conventional reproduction.[2][3]

Skein Spiders are imitations of Nirn's spiders. They are the most common denizen of the Spiral Skein and can be fiercely loyal pets,[4] often being summoned by Spiderkith. Bookbinder Spiders found in Apocrypha share a similar appearance. Skein Beetles (also known as Skein Shalks) are imitations of Nirn's beetles. They are said to use their pointed proboscis to drain a victim of their blood.[5] Skein Scorpions are imitations of Nirn's giant scorpions. They are the preferred companion of Deathweavers, the Knights of the Spider Cult.[6] Skein Wasps are imitations of Nirn's giant wasps. They are deemed to be some of the finest of Mephala's creations, in terms of the fear they instill.[1]


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