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A Shambles (Shivering Isles)

Shambles are undead skeletal abominations brought to the Shivering Isles by Sheogorath.[1] They appear to be some sort of reanimated construct made of bone and lashed together with wire or bits of cloth, often haphazardly.[2][3][4] Shambles only seek to destroy life.[5] They possess powerful frost magic and detonate a magical ice bomb upon being destroyed.[3] They can often be found in the company of other undead in various dungeons across the Isles.[3]

The strength of a Shambles is generally determined by their state of repair. The weakest are considered to be decrepit and are often missing an arm. Shambles whose construction remains replete or complete are much stronger.[3] The mortal inhabitants of the Shivering Isles have developed Conjuration magic capable of summoning Shambles to aid in battle.[6] Shambles are generally not hostile towards Zealots or those who disguise themselves as Zealots.[3]

Shambles can be harvested for valuable alchemical ingredients, specifically bone marrow (also called Shambles Marrow)[7] and bone shards.[8][9] Circa 3E 433, bone marrow taken from a Shambles was included in Mirili Ulven's taxonomical research on the flora and fauna of the Shivering Isles.[10] The horselike skull of a Shambles is also sometimes taken from its remains and displayed as a decorative trophy by the denizens of the Isles.[11]



  • Shambles are not to be confused with "the Shambles", a derelict district of Fargrave.

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